Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Read My Lipstick Network Member!

Caffienated Thoughts has joined the ranks of our superb member bloggers, writers, website owners, etc., etc.

Looks like there are six (6) contributors to the blog. I like the tab with their photos and short bios, nice addition as you kinda feel like you know who's writing. I even recognized some of the names...

Have fun clicking the tabs -- you get a different cup of coffee each time! It's the little things that amuse me .

I think you're going to like this blog. It's "Stimulating musings on the news, politics, culture, life and theology." - Caffienated Thoughts

1 comment:

Shane Vander Hart said...

Thanks for the welcome and intro.

Glad you enjoyed my theme, I was pumped to find that Wordpress template that allowed for a rotating header image.