Friday, January 9, 2009

Blogging topics

Just a few I thought you might want to look into and blog abt:

Boxer Leads Schwarzenneger in 2010 Senate Poll By Michael O'Brien
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) leads Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) in a hypothetical matchup in California's 2010 Senate race, a poll released Thursday found. READ MORE

Dems, Obama split on taxes By Alexander Bolton
The first rift between the Obama White House and congressional Democrats began to open Tuesday as lawmakers pushed back against the extent of the president-elect’s proposed tax cuts. READ MORE

Senate Allies Fault Obama on Stimulus
New York Times - United States
By PETER BAKER and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan ran into cross-fire from his own party in ...

(Note: I don't think the gov't should have been in this one to begin with... )
Obama Team Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV Switch
Washington Post - United States
By Kim Hart President-elect Barack Obama's transition team today asked key members of Congress to consider delaying the nation's switch to digital ...

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