Saturday, January 24, 2009

Discerning Texan joins the Read My Lipstick Network

I like to brag about all of our member blogs who keep the conservative fires burning. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am constantly impressed with your writing, dedication, insights and witticisms. Your collective conservative mind power is awesome to say the least.

You tired of hearing how great you are yet?

I'll stop anyway .

The Discerning Texan (TDT) is a great addition to our roll of excellent bloggers. I've included a few snippets from the blog below. You'll also want to go check out the links posted on TDT's sidebar, excellent list.

Welcome to The Discerning Texan.

Thank You Mr. President
I feel like I need to highlight a couple more really good pieces I saw today, because by and large I find myself agreeing with them. There are not many people I know who think that President Bush has had a flawless Presidency. Then again there is not a President dead or alive who I think has had a flawless Presidency. I saw the President speak the other night and I was very moved by the speech. Then I saw this great, unapologetic defense of the Bush Presidency....

UPDATED -- Are we allowed to question the "Will of Landru"?
One of the better Star Trek episodes from the early days dealt with a fictitious planet where the inhabitants either had to follow the will of their "Dear Leader"--in this case named Landru--or else to be "absorbed" (lose one's identity to a "collective mind"). In a sense, it was an early parallel to what later evolved into "the Borg".Maybe the day when we are required to be within the "Body of Landru" (or else...) is not as far off in the future as the producers of Star Trek surmised.One wonders--given the tone of yesterday's Inaugural address and the "follow the pied piper" vibe which seems to be suddenly virulent in our culture--whether the collective energy of "hope" that President Obama will be successful has not engendered willful blindness in many ordinary Americans....

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