Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Read My Lipstick Network Welcomes 2 New Members!

The Read My Lipstick Network welcomes blogs, websites, and now we have a Ning site member! We're a broad mix of focusing on a variety of issues, but all believe and support similar core conservative principles.

We'd like to welcome two new members to our growing list:

Christians for Palin -
Here's a little bit of info about Alison Kennedy: I am married to a Baptist pastor, and have two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. I have a Masters degree in Christian Education, and a BA in Journalism. I occasionally write for the Florida Baptist Witness, and volunteer at my church and children's school. I am also the Jacksonville coordinator for the 2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee, and am in the process of becoming a Guardian Ad Litem for the State of Florida.

Palin 12 (a social network) -
This appears to be a new Ning site but you know it's going to grow! Any site associated with Sarah Palin is going to attract numbers. Hope you'll check out our latest member and consider joining the conversation.

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