Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time to spend our money where our values are...

I heard a bit yesterday - second-hand - about the Hollywood guy who wrote and sang the Tea Party song. I didn't catch his name or exactly what he did, movie producer? However it started me thinking about the fact that he felt the need to be anonymous for so long because of the strong possibility he'd be blacklisted and his work would dry up. Based on the lack of support from his friends in the industry, I'd say he's probably going to be living thin for a while.

As I was thinking about his plight I popped onto Facebook to review the 100 plus folks waiting to be my friend. I review them all and so it can be a time-consuming process. I always look at their "Info" page and check out the groups they've joined, pages they've liked and check out their Wall posts if they share. It struck me that many, many Tea Party patriots, conservatives, involved Republicans and similar also "liked" a lot of movies, programs, stores, products that are owned, supported or involve some very liberal, outspoken types.

Which led me to think about this revolution that many of us are involved in. We're trying to get back to core values, make sure the Constitution has its rightful place in our government and across the country... we're working for less government... to support real freedoms as outlined in the founding fathers' documents... and more.

However, we're supporting those who would oppose the very things we are fighting against. When we go to certain movies, flip on some TV stations or programs, pick up the latest thriller chocked full of progressive garbage, buy a t-shirt promoting a product or movie, buy insurance from a company that openly supports socialism, progressives, or worse --- we are donating money to keep them prosperous.

We decry buying oil from terrorist (or terrorist supporting) countries, saying drill here, drill now... and then we do the exact same thing on a minor scale without a second thought.

I think it's time we examined our spending habits. We need to suffer a little bit on the home front for our values. So what if we don't watch NBC? So what if we don't go see the latest and greatest movie? So what if we use a different search engine?

We have a lot of power if we use it wisely and we combine our efforts. It's well and good if we donate money to our causes, but it's just as good if not better if we stop supporting those who would shut those causes down.

We need to do a little bit of research and find out where conservatives are working, which programs they produce, books they write, companies they own and support them with our purchasing power.

It's time to spend our money where are values are...

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MIzcebe said...

I completely agree. I have friends (even conservative ones) who think I'm strange because I refuse to spend money on movies made by liberal activist "artists" who think they are entitled by virtue of their fame to tell me how to think. Those "stars" seem to believe they possess some special insight.

I do the same with TV shows. (I usually just switch to another channel during the ads which are often worse than the programs as far as sexual content is concerned.)

The Hollywood lefties only have their platform because of the movie going, music buying public. They have no respect for the average American (or for America). They believe they are part of some elite group, but they only have their fame because the average person bestows it. We need to remember that.