Thursday, November 4, 2010

Change the future... become a Hollywood star!

Want to really make a impact on the future? I've put some thought into all the things we're doing to turn this big American boat around and headed back in the right direction. We are doing a lot of the right things. In some cases we're feeling our way slowly, making a few rookie mistakes, but overall our tugboats are changing the course the country has drifted onto.

It took us a long time to get here and we missed a lot of the slow nudges that got us where we are today so we can't expect to fix things overnight.

I started noodling on how we could keep the country on course long after you and I have passed on. What could we do to have a long-term, ongoing impact?

Here's a few things I came up with.

Raise our children to take over the media. We need news reporters, commentators, media outlet owners, producers, and worker bees.

Raise our children to be movie 'stars', producers, directors, buy up or start companies and be the most needed behind-the-scene workers.

Raise our children to be teachers, college professors, instructors and to be involved if they can't go into the field. We need more conservatives in the PTO / PTA's. Let 'em join the Unions, work their way up the ranks then turn them into feed and cloth the hungry organizations or some sort of organization that could have a positive impact on something other than wallets.

We already have plenty of kids who are headed into politics I'd imagine. Every child is taught that they could be the next President!

What we need is to take a page out of the lib playbook. They've infiltrated or flooded the outlets that capture our children's minds and every day they twist and shape the future.

I know we can't really train or force our children in the directions I mentioned above. We're not raising robots or mindless individuals who go where we point. In fact, if we steer them in one direction chances are they'll rebel and end up as 3-piece suit wearing bankers or corporation owners! Which is not a bad thing by any means.

However, we can talk to them while we're watching television and plant the seeds that it would be great to have more balanced reporters, movie stars who had strong values, teachers who understood the Constitution. We could talk about how great it would be to be a Robert Murdock who puts value on fair and balanced reporting. We could point out the conservative movie stars who were able to 'make it' like Kelsey Grammar or Jon Voight (although we do need to find some younger examples for upcoming kids I'd think!).

I wonder if our college conservatives are considering anything other than the normal career paths? I can't imagine how tough it would be as a college age kid to try and go into the Arts!

Anyone else have ideas for shaping our future?

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