Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Misguided Republicans are sponsoring a bill that will hurt YOUR freedoms. I actually LIKE some of the people who are sponsoring this mess, so I'm kind of with Eric Erickson / RedState (below). Here's a link for a Google petition you can sign to help send a message to Congress. Do some research. Take a look at this mess. Drudge has a link to a New York Times story that gives a good wrap up. Anyway, here's the petition link: If you don't like Google, I would bet there are a zillion different ones floating around.

Oh, Heritage has a great article on this issue also. I received it in my morning email batch (love getting Heritage info, Morning Bell - be sure to sign up if you haven't). Here's a link to their write up:

You know, we have to teach our representatives to READ THE STUPID BILLS and think about the long-term repercussions of their actions. Grrrr....

One good thing about this one? All sides out here in non-political-elite-land, from Democrat to Libertarian to Republican to I-don't-care-a-fig-about-politics are united!

From Eric Erickson via email distro:

Today is an unusual day at RedState.

Many websites around the nation and the world are going dark today in solidarity against SOPA, the Stopping Online Piracy Act (SOPA) pending in Congress. Many of this site’s good friends, like Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Marco Rubio of Florida (a co-sponsor of the Protect IP Act in the Senate, which is the Senate version of SOPA) are supporters of this horrible legislation that would give Eric Holder and future attorneys general the right to shut down websites with minimal, if any, due process.

While it pains us to do so, we are committed to working against the re-election of each Republican co-sponsor of SOPA and Protect IP, including Rep. Blackburn and Sen. Rubio. Both pieces of legislation overreach their goals and will harm the internet.

We hope the Republican co-sponsors of these pieces of legislation will remove their names and we hope the legislation will die. In solidarity with those sites shutting down today to show you the potential impact of this legislation, RedState will suspend posting new content for much of today.

On the front page of RedState you’ll find a tool you can use to contact your member of Congress and urge they oppose both SOPA and Protect IP.

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