Thursday, July 23, 2009

Americans for Prosperity Update

Last week thousands upon thousands of Americans for Prosperity activists like you fought back against the false claim made by Parade Magazine that you don’t exist. You crashed Parade’s email servers with your overwhelming response...

You do exist, that’s for sure. And, to win the health care battle raging right now in Washington, D.C. we're going to need you standing and fighting like never before.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, former Bush advisor Karl Rove has a fascinating piece making note of Americans for Prosperity’s efforts to stop the Obama/Pelosi health care takeover:

Last night, President Obama made yet another prime-time national television pitch – basically calling opponents of government health care obstructionists. The president, of course, was wrong. But he did make one point that was accurate: Now is the crucial time in the health care battle. In August, every member of the Senate and House will go home for the month-long August/Labor Day break.

Our challenge is simple but daunting: put the maximum pressure humanly possible on them during their town hall meetings, district office hours, and listening tours.

Just last Friday, thousands of you all across the country rallied at your local Senate district offices to tell Congress in a resounding voice: Keep Your Hands Off Our Health Care! I stood with activists from Virginia at the Arlington office of Senator Webb.

I’m asking you to help us prepare for the crucial August congressional break now by taking three steps.

1) Contact the local district offices of your Senators and Representatives, and ask when they plan to speak face-to-face with constituents like you during August Recess.

2) Reply to this email with the details of any town hall meetings or other events you find out about in your area. I’ll make sure that information is posted to our Americans for Prosperity website so that other folks in your community can join you in attending.

3) Take a moment right now to email Karl at, and thank him for taking a stand with you while the liberal media attacked. I know he’ll appreciate hearing from you.

Don’t let the politicians sit on their hands during this recess. Let’s make them earn their paychecks by listening to you and taking your message back to Washington with them.
Thank you for all you do on behalf of our shared values. Together, we’re making a difference – we can beat these threats to our freedom and prosperity. But only if folks like you and me get involved and follow through. We can’t do this without your help.

Can you help us keep the rallies and TV ads going across the country to fight the government takeover of health care? Please consider a financial contribution to help us turn up the pressure.

Tim Phillips

P.S. Remember, August is crucial for our lawmakers as they travel back to their home states – they need to hear from you! Don’t forget to send us the details of their local meetings and office hours so we can post them on our website. And thank Karl Rove for acknowledging you and your passionate grassroots activism!

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