Thursday, July 23, 2009

Herman Cain: Health Care "De-form" may be slowing down

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Good News! The "Health Care De-form" legislation is slowing down as the feedback from voters to Congress intensifies. Moderate Democrats are sticking together so far, and most of the Republicans are standing firm against "Obamacare".

The President's prime time press conference last night gave people more doubt than confidence in the legislation moving through Congress. It is NOT the right solution to some problems with our health care system, which is not in crisis.

Even the mainstream media is starting to question many of the President's claims and "numbers" used to support the glowing picture he continues to paint about government controlled health care.

There is a definite disconnect between what the President keeps saying and the legislation that is moving through Congress. People are waking up to that reality. Let's keep the pressure on.

There are better alternatives to many of the problems that need to be fixed, but neither the President nor the Democrat leaders in Congress are listening to them.

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