Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost there...

I was a bit optimistic (to say the least) when I thought I could get through over 16 thousand emails in two days. I did have a few other things come up during those two days and it stretched into two weeks. I had this idea that most of the emails would be things I'd signed up to read, but nope, the vast majority were actual emails from real people. Wow, you guys have been so busy doing great things!

However, I'm happy to report I've read all the emails, cleaned up the inbox and found about 20 plus of you who've asked to be members of the Read My Lipstick Network.

This weekend I'll be getting caught up on that most important area! I'll be zapping you emails just as soon as I check out your sites to make sure they "fit" with this network. If you don't fit with this one, we have another one that'll probably be perfect for you... it's for conservative writers who don't always focus on political stuff.

I'm looking for some help if anyone is interested. Haven't figured out what you could do yet , but I obviously need some replacements for my friends who've moved on to other parts of the country, who're doing their best to keep families together while out of work, etc., etc.

I've gotten involved with a local tea party group. I'd been going to tea parties, but hadn't gone to meetings, etc. Talk about an on-fire group of people! Loved the fact that I was mixing with people from all sides, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and even some who hadn't voted in forever but are now involved!

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