Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm here...

Well, sort of . I checked my email about 2 weeks ago and had well over 42,000 (yes thousand) emails. I figured at first someone was spamming me but nope, they're all legit. There are so many I can't even re-sort them so I can delete the daily updates.

I've been whittling through them, have gotten down to around 30 thousand.

Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to get through them, then I'm going to add all you folks who've sent emails asking to be a member of the Network on Monday. I cleared my calendar to tackle this one and am determined to get back on track as I consider fighting this fight for our country to be the ultimate, most important thing to include in my busy life. If we lose our country to the elements who're tearing it down right now then I won't have the life I'm leading, nor will you.

So... once again I ask for your forgiveness and forbearance in tolerating the delays through the summer.