Friday, February 26, 2010

Reconciliation - Why Should the Democrats Stop With Healthcare?

After watching yesterday's "Healthcare Summit" I am more convinced than ever that it was Kabuki Theater at its finest. It was a political maneuver by Obama and clan to attempt to make a reconciliation vote more palatable to the masses.

It's coming. The Democrats are going to use reconciliation*.

I believe they'll toss in a few token changes for the Republicans so they can say "see, we really, really tried", then use reconciliation to pass the worst pile of poop ever proposed by a Congressional body.

However, mixing a bit of bad perfume into dog poop doesn't stop it from being poop. It just stinks worse. The current so-called Healthcare bill is nothing but a hodgepodge of special interest bad smelling excrement that is going to completely ruin our health care system.

I won't belabor all the fine points that have been smacked around by many since this became an issue... and still a top priority by Obama's administration instead of job care I might mention.

As I was walking this morning it struck me that this is bigger than health care, bigger than a government take-over of yet another aspect of our lives.

Once the Democrats step over the line and do something this huge, this monumentally life-changing for all Americans, what's to stop them from doing it again?

Yes, I know we'll boot them out in November, but they'll still be able to ram through any and everything they want before they walk out the door during the shift change in January 2011.

If they use reconciliation on Healthcare, why not use it to push through Cap & Tax? Immigration? Any other bill Obama, Pelosi and /or Reid want?

Who's to say they won't make changes to skew the elections in November?

Once they use reconciliation for something like healthcare, what are the chances that they'll have a desire to play ball at all? They can just take the ball and roll it any way they want it once they take total control by eliminating our two party system.

And yes, that's exactly what they'll be doing if they use reconciliation to push through the President's health take over plan. We will have a dictatorship of sorts.

If you're watching all the little things they're tweaking and all the major things they're changing, our country is not going to be anything like our founding fathers envisioned when they fought for our independence and freedoms.

We need to make a concerted effort to stop the Democrats and the President from stepping over the reconciliation line. This isn't a "party" issue, this is an across-the-board American issue. Stop them before the power goes to their heads. OK, OK, I hear you, we know they're already high on power. Stop them. Write, call, poke your neighbors, your friends. It's going to take more than petitions, it's going to take action. And no, I don't mean violence or any kind of altercation. I mean getting off our butts and going to town hall meetings. Getting so many people involved they can't ignore us.

I think we've made an error of sorts by concentrating on the politicians. We need to place similar efforts on the media. We need to rally in front of the media outlets. We need to let them know we want fair coverage. We want them to report our angst, our concerns. Carry signs that target politicians and views. Same things we've been doing with our Tea Party / 912 efforts, just meet in front of TV and radio stations rather than at the state capitol. We know they're kind of lazy about coverage, this way all they'll have to do is poke a camera outside the door .

Regarding the Democrats push to say to the country, and the Republicans, "you did it" therefore there's nothing wrong with us doing it, too: One wrong doesn't cancel out another. I've heard and read the arguments on both sides and I can't say I'm happy with either group. One thing I'd like to suggest to my fellow Tea Party / 912-ers is that we ask those running for office to pledge to tighten the language regarding the use of reconciliation.

Stop reconciliation. We can pull back on health care once we change who's in Washington with any luck. However, if we don't stop the Democrats from using the reconciliation tactic we may lose the entire war.

*From Wikipedia: Reconciliation is a legislative process in the United States Senate intended to allow consideration of a contentious budget bill without the threat of filibuster. Introduced in 1974, reconciliation limits debate and amendment, and therefore favors the majority party. Reconciliation also exists in the United States House of Representatives, but because the House regularly passes rules that constrain debate and amendment, the process has had a less significant impact on that body.

A reconciliation instruction (Budget Reconciliation) is a provision in a budget resolution directing one or more committees to submit legislation changing existing law in order to bring spending, revenues, or the debt-limit into conformity with the budget resolution. The instructions specify the committees to which they apply, indicate the appropriate dollar changes to be achieved, and usually provide a deadline by which the legislation is to be reported or submitted.[1]

A reconciliation bill is one containing changes in law recommended pursuant to reconciliation instructions in a budget resolution. If the instructions pertain to only one committee in a chamber, that committee reports the reconciliation bill. If the instructions pertain to more than one committee, the House Budget Committee reports an omnibus reconciliation bill, but it may not make substantive changes in the recommendations of the other committees.[2]

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