Sunday, February 7, 2010

Steve Maloney on Katherine Jenerette and Katie Hastings O'Malley

Can we defeat Obama's, Pelosi's, and Reid's radical agenda -- their mindless effort to shove our country toward national socialism and military weakness?

"Yes, we can" by getting behind charismatic, conservative leaders like Katherine Jenerette of SC and Katie Hastings O'Malley of NYC. Katherine Jenerette, mother of four, is a Republican congressional candidate from SC's 1st district; Katie Hastings O'Malley, also a mom of many, is a fine conservative writer for Human Events (and other publications) -- as well as a fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. Both women are my friends . . . and my inspirations. They're dedicated to taking our country back.

Katherine Jenerette for U.S Congress (contributions) (biography)

Katherine is running against the usual "family dynasty" candidates, one the son of Strom Thurmond and one (a guy named "Tumpy") who's the son of a former Governor. If either of these men win, one thing's guaranteed: he will go to DC and do a great imitation of Rip van Winkle. Katherine can win -- and will deliver a major wake-up call to Congress.

Katherine's a commissioned Army Officer, a paratrooper, and a college history teacher. Katie is not only a first-class writer (see below), but also a tireless advocate for military causes. How conservative are they? Very much so.

Katie (I'm not making this up) has a tattoo of Ronald Reagan on her back. That's conservative indeed.

Katherine essentially wants to go to Washington with a giant "STOP" sign to hold in front of Obama and Pelosi.

Katherine is running against men who are the darlings of special interest groups. She's conducting a powerful grassroots campaign based heavily on support from the Tea Party groups and other activists. Can she win? If American patriots -- that is, people just like us -- give her their support, including financial backing, she will win, and that will mean our America wins. Her motto is "This House [the one in DC] is your House."

I know Katherine well, and she means exactly what she says.

She needs your support. And I deeply believe she deserves it. She's been called "a Southern Sarah Palin" and "a female version of Scott Brown."

Katie Hastings O'Malley, with her Reagan tattoo, might add that Katherine has Reagan-like qualities, including a deep love of her country and the traditional values our former President embodied.

Please do two things: contribute to Katherine's campaign . . . and familiarize yourself with Katie O'Malley's writing.

You can donate by clicking on the following: Katherine Jenerette for U.S Congress After you contribute (and any amount you can afford will be just fine), please "get to know" Katie O'Malley by going to her report on the Tea Party Convention, which also contains several links to other fine articles she's written.

Who’s Partying in Nashville? - HUMAN EVENTS

The following are two short excerpts from Katie O'Malley's piece on the Tea Party get-together in Nashville: ["Tea Party Convention Planner] Judson Phillips ceded the stage to Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart addressed the media directly. “The same Mainstream Media that talks about McCarthyism practices the most virulent form. We are creating our own media.” "Activists have taken the leadership and ideas promoted at the convention to heart. Kelly, from upstate New York, spent time on the phone with folks back home. 'There are three hundred elderly women back home, women who voted for Obama, who are watching the coverage on CSPAN. They want me to come back home and share with them what I have learned here and they want to then take that to the rest of the people in their community.'"

Who’s Partying in Nashville? - HUMAN EVENTS

Get to know these two remarkable women.

If we all work together, as we did with Scott Brown, we will win together.

God bless all of you.
Steve Maloney

(Me: Many of you know Steve, he's a fantastic person and someone every patriot should look up & friend. Love his emails, love his insights and have his permission to share with you guys.)

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