Sunday, August 1, 2010

State to citizens: No more petitions for you

Proposal would 'virtually eliminate' citizens' right to decide referendums

An amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution proposed by Democrats could virtually put an end to citizen-initiated referendums in the state. The amendment, proposed jointly by state Rep. Byron Rushing in the House and by state Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem in the Senate, would exclude any citizen petition that deals with issues concerning a person's right to "the enjoyment of life, liberty and property, according to standing laws."

It's getting stranger and stranger in our world. One has to wonder if the people who propose things like this think beyond the moment. They seem to have an inability to look at the long-term affects of the legislation they propose, just like those who are doing the Obama crew's bidding.

We all keep asking the question of the public and the libs 'would you be applauding if the Republicans or Bush White House did the vast majority of things "your" folks are doing?'. The answer would be a resounding NO. They'd be screaming about the government invading their privacy, curtailing their freedoms, and so on.

We face multi-front ignorance mixed in with willful short-sighted self-interest these days.

The legislators are putting in legislation and acting with an eye out for immediate returns, not thinking about the long-term ramifications... or how the next "regime" might turn their new laws around on the very people now doing their bidding.

On another front we have the ignorance of the masses who embrace the platitudes, slogans and hype. Many are simply good people who believe the love mantra chanted as the cloak for under-the-sheets deceit. Others are just barely voting-age kids who haven't moved outside the cocoon of parental protection into the real world yet. Some are wolves in sheep's clothing. Others play the pied piper. It's a mixed crowd of all types, some who simply see that they can make a profit and believe they'll be part of the new elite.

Then there are those who are simply corrupt and will jump on any bandwagon that keeps them in power and/or riches. There are those who are scrambling to keep their power. There are true believers... it's a huge mixed bag. You have the ultra rich plagued with guilt about their riches who can be easily played, the ultra rich who don't have guilt but love being sucked up to... Then there's the media, a class all its own. Hard to figure out why they're so eager to give up their freedom of speech, their ability to be independent, isn't it?

Ah well, we all know we're at a cross-roads. We all know the very fundamental foundations of our freedoms are being attacked not just daily, but every minute of the day.

The name of the game is power. Every action the current regime has enacted, every attack, every change, ultimately corrals power into the White House and creates a "new" upper power class. We've seen similar actions throughout history. They ultimately fail because they can not be sustained. But oh, the times are dark until the people rebel or their system completely collapses.

We are in a unique situation when compared to similar country take-downs in the past in that we have the Internet, we have the ability to communicate and to shed light on actions. In the past things were done under the proverbial cloak of darkness. Today, everything sooner or later passes through the network and we see what they're doing.

I know Obama and friends are trying to shut down the media and our ability to write, share, expose what they're doing. November can't come soon enough.

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