Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why do government employees need unions?

Someone on Twitter (sorry, flew by quickly) just re-tweeted a point made by @seanhackbarth... This isn't the exact quote, but the gist was, 'why do we government workers need unions, doesn't the government treat them fairly?".

Wow, what an excellent point!

If you take a look at all the stats regarding how much government employees are paid as compared to the private sector, factor in their benefits, it becomes even harder to understand why they need the unions these days... Well, I guess someone has to help them get those extraordinary perks, huh?

Think about the whole picture. You and I pay their salary. Thus, you and I are paying their union dues and keeping the union bosses hoeing in high cotton as my Grandmother used to say.

Soooo, we are paying people to cajole the government to take more of our hard earned dollars to give to government workers. Sweet --- for those who have government jobs!

I've shared before that I used to work for the government. I wasn't union thank goodness or I'd have quit long before I did. The day my previously non-government job was swallowed up in the government bureaucracy is the day I started realizing that my work-aholic tendencies would not work well in that environment. When you're called into the bosses office and told you're working too hard and to cool it 'cause you're making the rest of the employees look bad, it's time to get back into the private sector (unless your a slug).

I'm not a huge fan of the government work force, federal or state, with or without union protections. Where are you treated the worst when interacting with others for services? Think about going to renew or get your driver's license, dealing with the IRS, and other areas that require you to interact with government employees.  In the private sector they have to treat you well or suffer the consequences of a business down the tubes sooner or later. Not so for the government. Bad service? Who's their competition?

It's time to get rid of the unions for government employees. Our tax dollars should not be used to work against the needs of the very citizens who pay those taxes. We need to do more than clean out Congress, we need a clean sweep all the way down. Make the government employees have to live up to the same standards as the private sector and end the crazy protections that have us paying salaries rather than getting rid of the chaff. We can start by getting rid of the union protection racket.

(It crossed my mind a number of times as I wrote the above that I might wake up one day to see union thugs with bats standing on my front lawn... I guess I'm going to be on every government list before it's all said and done.)

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Abby said...

I have worked for the FAA for almost 32 years and I can't tell you how much I hate the unions. They cause nothing but trouble and don't care for the employees. Please do realize not all fed employees are bad people, there are a LOT of good ones. My own union along with the government has paycapped me for 8 years now, so people only see of the government employees what they hear. I have asked the same question why do fed employees need a union?