Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's give it all back...

In the spirit of Obama's support for the Palestinian position of a return to pre-1967 borders with Israel, it would follow logically that we as Americans should follow suit and return all the land to the Indians that we took under "manifest destiny".

Too far back in time for that remedy?

During the American Revolution we took lands that France, Spain and Great Britain claimed as theirs. Should we go back to those borders and give back "their" land?

Still too far back?

Many of our Hispanic citizens and illegal Hispanic aliens believe parts of the southern United States belong to Mexico. We acquired large areas we now claim as ours after hostilities with the Mexican government during the Mexican American war.

Is that the way the President is going to solve our illegal alien problem? It would again be a logical solution given his "solution" for Israel and Palestine.

While you're working to destroy our ally Israel Mr. President, why don't you go one step further and suggest that Israel give up their entire country?  After all, the United Nations took the land from Bedouin nomadic tribes to create Israel. in 1947. 

Does the President not understand that the world's borders have been changed irrevocably throughout history? In suggesting that Israel go backwards and give away sacred and Holy ground to people who want to kill them Obama is not standing with our friend, Israel. As Netanyahu said, ''s indefensible'.

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