Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mary Katherine Ham - The fine art of criticizing Sarah Palin's intellectualism

To them, Palin is audacious (not in that good, Obama way) and out-of-line to even write a book. Her criticisms of the McCain campaign leakers who anonymously bashed her while the campaign was still going on are "ungrateful." To venture to promote the book is more audacious still, and means she gets exactly what's coming to her in all interviews and coverage, no matter how unfair. The fact that the book she's daring to promote is selling extremely well means more license still to sully the woman from Alaska once again. I've heard each of these sentiments uttered or implied by pundits or reporters in print, on Twitter, or on TV this week.

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One thing that comes through loud and clear to me as I hear many of the media herd "review" or talk about Sarah or her book "Going Rogue" is that it's become "cool" in certain circles to assert your intelligence by bashing anything Palin. The more cutting, snide or acerbically cute your cut, the better the person speaking seems to feel about their own moronic wit. They work hard to get that little bit of praise, garner a few brownie points, from those they consider to be on their own intellectual level. They strive to get that bit of a smile from their peers that makes them feel good about their own intelligence for a short bit.

It's juvenile, it shows the lack of inner strength, it's herd mentality, it's cruel and it highlights how shallow their inner core truly must be. I have never ever understood how someone can trash anyone else, be so blindingly nasty, yet think they're a good person. If a person has a good center, has a secure core, they don't need the adulation of others, they don't need to slash and trash others to gain acceptance.

Sarah, just by being Sarah, shows all of us the contrast.

She is secure, she has a strong core, she doesn't need to be cutting to make herself feel good. She walks the walk, talks the talk and lives her values. She doesn't need to destroy, or attempt to destroy, others to make herself feel accepted. The weak try to undermine, to cut her down to their size because they don't have anything of strength in their own core. By being Sarah, she shows us all just how craven and lacking those who try to undermine her character really are. She never stoops to their level of nastiness. She turns the other cheek.

Every time someone goes after her, every time someone tries to feel superior by attempting to drag her down, they lose... she is elevated, she looks better, she gains more friends and supporters because the contrast becomes more evident.

Don't ever let 'em get you down Sarah.

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