Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obama Succeeds in... Unity

During his campaign Mr. Obama promised he'd bring unity, he promised he'd bring us all together. He has succeeded. Somehow Obama has managed to do something that has not been done since the beginning of our country and I'd like to thank him.

We are unified...

Against all that he stands for and the direction he's taking the United States.

Across the country new voters, newly engaged citizens, Independents, Democrats and Republicans are unified in a fight for our country like our founding fathers were.

More and more are leaving the Democrat Party, calling themselves Independents or Libertarians or even, gasp, Republicans, and joining the fight to preserve America and to stop Obama, Pelosi and friends.

More Americans are turning the TV from Desperate Housewives and CSI and switching to cable news, usually Fox News of course!

There is more talk at the water coolers about all that we stand to lose. People who've never thought about anything other than what they're going to wear or eat for dinner are asking what they can do to stop the landslide erosion... and they're finding tea parties, 9/12 groups and other organizations waiting with open arms.

Grandmothers are making signs and protesting at the doors of their elected representatives. Mothers are putting the kids down for a nap and making phone calls. Dads are sneaking time at work to send emails. College students are blogging.

Yes Mr. Obama, you have succeeded in at least one portion of your campaign rhetoric, not that you ever really thought it would come to pass in any form.

I believe your goal was to divide, agitate and conquer.

You have politically divided Congress along Party lines, and even split your own Party, but outside the beltway the larger part of the country, the "real" America, is unifying in a solid block that crosses all political, racial and gender lines.

You have agitated, but the vast majority are agitated against you and your policies.

We're on to your game. We are awake, we are roaring, we are unified. You underestimated the true mettle of American citizens. We will not let you conquer our America.

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