Thursday, July 29, 2010

Excellent article on the "Disclose" Act

Only in Washington Is This Transparency 
The Senate Democrats' "DISCLOSE" Act -- "DISCLOSE" stands for "Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections" -- represents perhaps the baldest, if failed, power grab attempted this year. But you wouldn't guess it reading news stories on the bill.

Guess ya'll know what I do first thing in the morning! Cuppa tea, fire up the computer, pop on Fox News most days, but always scan through headlines, blogs, twitter, facebook to find out how America was attacked by the crazies the day before... and I try to figure out where the next attack is coming from.

Just joined the Heritage Foundation (yes, I know I'm way, way late on that front). I already get their emails, which is great, but I want to do my tiny part to help keep their work alive. It was only $25 for the year, although I'm considering increasing the amount.

I manage over 200 blogs, ten websites (four of 'em are news sites), eight or nine Twitter accounts, etc., etc. It gets a bit hectic, especially since I do have a life and I am a potter, do shows, sell in galleries, etc. I also drop everything to spend time with my immediate and extended family. I only include this info to explain why it may seem I'm rather hit or miss at times. I may post something on our shared Barracuda Babes blog, or on some other blog we manage and it'll look like I'm neglecting this one... If you're interested in seeing all the blog info, follow us on twitter @readmylipstick, @gafrontpage, @ffrontpage, @artsacrossga (for those artist friends). We feed specific blogs to specific accounts. Also, you need to know that all the posts aren't mine, there are others who share.

I have a great friend who helps out tremendously. Don't know what I'd do without Ann!

Always looking for patriots who're interested in sharing our conservative blogs. If you're interested, tweet me on @readmylipstick or zap me a message on Facebook (Janet Dunn, the one with the lipstick avatar ;-)

Keep up the good fight, it's wonderful to see everyone who's kicking butt --- I don't mean physically --- the libs are hoping and praying one of us will do something nasty so they can blow us out of the water... I'm expecting some more plants at our rallies and events. Keep your tempers please! We're in this for the long haul and we won't get there if we lose our cool (except in the privacy of our own homes where we rant and rave at the computer or TV screens ;-) 

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