Monday, July 26, 2010

Personal favor to ask...

I'd appreciate it if all of my friends, followers, acquaintances would help me out on a local issue. Doesn't matter if you don't live in our area, and all I'm asking for is one email from each of you...
Issue overview: Big rezoning going on, huge church trying to rezone at the end of a residential neighborhood. They're wanting to change to zoning category that would result in loads of traffic as there's a cut-through that takes traffic right through the homes. It's already a problem given the size of the church, but office / commercial would phenomenally increase danger to the kids on the street. There's at least one special needs child on the block.

The church met with the neighbors, said they weren't going to sell, then turned around, hired a rather snotty attorney and they're going for it. Based on a survey the church did the majority of the members don't want to sell or move... but the rezoning is going ahead and it's up TOMORROW night.

The planning commission was initially against it, but one guy who is responsible for the district in question said he was for it and the way the County Commission in the county works, they defer to the Commissioner who represent the district... so now it's going forward as approved.
Bottom line --- I'd like to ask you to help bombard the Commissioners with emails letting them know that you are OPPOSED to the church being rezoned to ANY commercial, O & I or category. You can simply say something like "Please do NOT rezone the Rehoboth Baptist Church property" or "Please keep the Johns Road neighborhood intact and safe by not rezoning the church property" or "Don't change the Rehoboth Church zoning".

The header/subject line should indicate what you're writing about (Rehoboth Church rezoning or maybe Johns Road Neighborhood Safety). It helps if all the emails are not the same.

It's best not to include your location as they don't give a flying flip about people outside the district, and it's kind of looking like they're not really caring much about those who do... I know that many of you ARE in Dekalb County, Georgia anyway... My personal feelings are that there's probably some wheeling and dealing going on. The county in question is deeply in the hole, but they're doing the Obama thing where they just keep spending...

There have been petitions, emails, calls to the Commissioners. The ONLY Commissioner on the Board who has NOT responded to the neighbors is the lone Republican who also happens to be in charge of the district --- and her guy is the one pushing to get the rezoning approved. She's giving Republicans a bad name.

Here's the contact info to send emails to (Monday & Tuesday, only need one from each of my friends to be effective, feel free to ask your friends to send one, too):

Elaine Boyer
(District 1)
Nancy McBride 404-371-2844
Jeff Rader
(District 2)
Caroline Enloe 404-371-2863
Debbie Schneider
Larry Johnson
(District 3)
Margaret Britton 404-371-2425
Steffanie J. Wilson
Sharon Barnes Sutton
(District 4)
Judy T. Brownlee 404-371-4907
Valerie S. Grigley
Lee May
(District 5)
Latrese Nunnally 404-371-4745
Edmond Richardson
Kathie Gannon
(Super District 6)
Corrin Wagnon 404-371-4909
Rita E. Morgan
Connie Stokes
(Super District 7)
Lannetta Somerville 404-371-3053

If for some reason those emails bounce back, take the first "c" out and try again. They changed their emails July 1 and haven't bothered to update their website with new contact info. I added the "c" because the one response I had indicated I needed to add it...

ADDITION: Here are the CORRECT email addresses:

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These are the correct e-mails let em have it.