Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Obama Administration Approves First Obamacare Abortion Funding

Family Research Council Action Condemns President's Falsehoods on Abortion Funding

Family Research Council Action responded today to a discovery made by the National Right to Life Committee that the Obama Administration has given federal approval to send Pennsylvania $160 million in taxpayer funds which will directly fund abortions through President Obama's recently enacted health care law.

This is the first known instance of direct federal funding of abortion through what is called the "high risk insurance pools." Pennsylvania has already received approval from the Obama Administration to use the funds to provide abortions to pool participants; the abortion funding is available immediately.

Tom McClusky, Family Research Council Action's Senior Vice President, made the following comments:

"Never have we so regretted being right on an issue, but this $160 million for an abortion insurance program in Pennsylvania validates the arguments FRC Action made throughout the health care debate: Taxpayer dollars will fund abortions. For our efforts to remove the bill's abortion funding, we were called 'deceivers' by President Obama and 'liars' by his allies.

"Now we know who the true deceivers and liars really are.

"This action by the Obama Administration also exposes the worthlessness of President Obama's Executive Order that supposedly would prevent federal funding of abortion, but which both sides, including Planned Parenthood, agreed was unenforceable.

"While the American people deserve an apology from President Obama for his deception, we should only be satisfied when this Pennsylvania abortion funding is rescinded and the health care law repealed.

"Unfortunately, until the law is repealed, this will not be the last federal approval of abortion funding. The law also includes $12.5 billion for community health centers, and $6 billion for co-ops, through both of which abortions can be funded, not to mention the tax credits to pay people to buy plans covering abortion. Not even implemented, the President's plan is already being exposed as a high-taxing, poorly thought-out, and taxpayer funding of abortion monstrosity.

"It's time to replace this Congress, repeal this law and restore our constitutional freedoms," McClusky concluded.

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