Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Congressman Tom Price: Let's Repeal ObamaCare

Last week the House of Representatives voted with bipartisan support to repeal ObamaCare. As it stands, ObamaCare is a threat to quality, affordable health care in America, and it is undermining the ability of physicians to provide the level of care their patients need. We must fully repeal this massive government takeover and replace it with reforms that protect the rights of patients, families, and their doctors.

In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he will not schedule a vote to repeal ObamaCare even after a majority of members in the House voted to do just that. I urge you to call Leader Reid and explain that failure to act on a repeal vote ignores the will of the American people. He should allow Senators to vote on repealing a law that expands the reach of the government to unprecedented levels while undermining individual freedoms.

To contact Majority Leader Reid's office, call (202) 224-3542.

Thank you for your support in our efforts to uphold the results of November’s elections.

Yours truly,
Congressman Tom Price, M.D., Chairman
Republican Policy Committee

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