Monday, January 3, 2011

Obama reading Ronald Reagan's Biography

Saw a few stories on this one... and some more saying Obama's job approval was down. We all know why he's reading about Ronald Reagan, he is studying his actions. I bet he is watching old tapes of Reagan speaking, too. Obama is going to try to act like he's more conservative, sort of, on the surface. If it ain't in the heart it won't work, but he is a good actor. It'll be more 'hope and change' type rhetoric without substance.

He's already moving to do more damage behind the scenes, bypassing Congress completely. We've lamented before that even Democrats should be having problems with the way he goes around them to enact changes via the EPA or wherever. But nope, they are lemmings. Wimpy lemmings, yes they are. (Yes, I've been reading Cat in the Hat and other Seuss books, yes I have).

Now Obama is studying Ronald Reagan.

Obama's actions scare me in general as I firmly believe he's systematically killing the best of what makes our America wonderful. The fact that he's reading Reagan takes my anxiety level  up a notch. He's escalating his game. He is going to do whatever he needs to do to get re-elected, even if it means trying to channel Reagan's persona. Not Reagan's heart, not his beliefs, just the outside shell in an attempt to fool even more Americans.

It's great, I hope, that Republicans now have the power to thwart more of Obama's actions. But if someone isn't acting like an extremely vigilant watchdog they're going to serve as cover. We and the press will be distracted by fights in Congress while behind closed doors Obama and crew make a change here, a change there, all building to ultimately get whatever it is he wants.

We're out here, far away from the inner workings of Washington. We depend on the press, on insiders, on those who scour every action and zap it out via Twitter, Facebook, newsletter or blog. (I love the Heritage Foundation, best watchdog we have on 'our' side.)

I think that Obama truly has a multi-pronged plan in the works. He's going to Reaganize and Clintonize himself up a bit more. He's going to take his show on the road more. He's going to get more devious. He's going to play a public game of giving token submission to some Republican actions, fight them in the arena of public opinion via the press and other means, mouth the words those who vote on whims like to hear... to distract, to paint an image.

If we're not careful, even more aware, we're going to wake up in a few years and find we've lost the best of what makes this the greatest free country in history.

Then again, maybe if Obama reads enough about Reagan and watches enough of his speeches, he'll have a conservative conversion. Hey, I can hope and dream, right? Wow, that'd be interesting. If he did have a conversion, picked up some true conservative values, would any of us be able to believe it? What would it take to convince you he'd really, truly changed? Hmmm....

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