Thursday, April 1, 2010

And they want to run your health care...

Obama’s EPA Gave Energy Star Certification to ‘Gas-Powered Clock Radio’ and 14 Other Phony Products, GAO Says
( – The EPA certified that a “gas-powered clock radio” was an energy-efficient product under the government’s Energy Star program, despite the fact that neither the clock nor its manufacturer ever existed. The clock and 14 other phony products were part of an investigation into the Energy Star program conducted by the Government Accountability Office, which submitted 20 fraudulent Energy Star applications from four fake companies. GAO said the fact that it could so easily dupe the government shows that the Energy Star program provides scant assurance for consumers.

... and they can't count either....

Obama’s Student Loan Takeover Adds Billions to Deficit According to 'Fair Value' Accounting, CBO Says
( - The student loan overhaul legislation signed into law by President Barack Obama on Tuesday could add $52 billion to the deficit between 2010 and 2020 when the cost of the market risks and the loans' administrative expenses are taken into consideration, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported.

They can't run the Post Office, they can't run, well, anything with a drop of efficiency... and they want us to trust 'em with our health now? We REALLY need to make sure we change out Congress and then the Presidency or we are looking at 1984 x 100 real, real soon.

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