Thursday, April 22, 2010

‘Fair Tax’ seen as wedge issue to push split between Republicans, Tea Party

Democrats are eyeing the “fair tax” as a wedge issue in the 2010 elections, hoping to force Republican candidates across the country to take a stand on the conservative proposal.
Democrats are eyeing everything as a potential to split the conservative vote. We better keep our eye on the goal, be focused on winning the trophy, and be willing to vote the big picture rather than being one-issue voters (unless it something egregious)!!! Lets get conservatives in our elected offices and then next go around work on getting even BETTER candidates.

As someone commented on an earlier blog --- we should pull any new candidates voting record (as in, voted Dem, Republican or other) AND if they've been in office, also pull their votes while in office... research is EASY to do these days. It's also easy to get distorted and incomplete information from a candidates opponents so be sure NOT to take anything you read, get in the mail or see on the tube at face value. Go to the Internet and research before you accept any criticism or attack on a candidate you think is worth a potential vote.

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