Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Institutes New Personal Safety Policy as Extension of New Nuclear Policy

While citizens in the United States and across the world buzz about the new Obama nuclear policy which calls for ultimate trust in other nations such as Russia and China, many have missed the secondary Personal Safety Policy attached as an addendum.

In keeping with "no nukes" if countries attack the United States with other less equal weapons (as defined by the Obama administration), citizens of the United States will now be called upon to react similarly in the event they are attacked.

To simplify the complex legal terminology of the addendum, effective April 15th if a person is attacked by a knife wielding malcontent they must first determine if the person is a friend or acquaintance. If they are somehow known to the person being attacked, they must use similar or lesser weapons to defend themselves.

For example, if the person being attacked is in possession of a gun, they may not use it --- they must put down their gun and either find a knife or other weapon of similar or lesser capability to the knife to defend themselves. Please refer to the list included in the addendum to determine allowed weapon similarities and capabilities.

In the event the person being attacked does not know the attacker, they may use their gun or defend themselves but must be prepared to prove they nor any of their friends were not acquainted in any manner with the attacker.

If they know beyond doubt that the person is an enemy, for instance the person clearly indicates they are enemies, they are on the FBI most wanted list, they have outstanding criminal warrants, or similar, then guns or any weapon of choice may be used.

The policy mimics the stance of the Obama administration in regards to nuclear attacks in that citizens are now allowed designate certain individuals as "rogues" or enemies in advance. Rogues and enemies may be registered in advance on the new "Rogue Persons of Interest" (RPI) listing. Certain exclusions, requirements and possible legal ramifications are noted in the fine print of the RPI thus we suggest that those choosing to register rogues and enemies should first consult their attorney. The RPI will be in place no later than April 20th according to the addendum overview.

It is also suggested that those who believe they may at some point in their life might suffer a mugging, a home invasion, car snatching or other attack on their being should check the RIP listing regularly. Local law enforcement agencies will be required to host local listings and the Obama regime will also host a national list at www.roguepersons.us.gov and www.yourenemies.us.gov.

More details will follow as we delve deeper into the new policy.

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