Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To win the war we may need to lose a skirmish or two

Bob Schneider's graphic illustrates an excellent point: if we split the Republican vote in November, we may win a local skirmish, but lose the November battle and thus the overall war. If we ultimately lose the war for the soul of our country, those local election skirmishes that we win will be moot.

We need to keep the ultimate long-term goal in mind and not be short-sited when awarding our votes to candidates in the primaries and the November elections. We are trying to change a culture in Washington that makes the Mafia look like amateurs. It has grown and morphed for many, many years into our current day mess. It's going to take more than one or two elections to change it.

The election in November is a major battle in this war, and one we must win. If we slide in enough Republicans and true-conservatives to stem the lib tide in D.C. this year, then in subsequent elections we can work on getting rid of the remaining Republicans in name only (RINOs) and Alinksy-ites, and ultimately win the entire war. Winning the battle in November, even at the cost of a few lost local skirmishes, will make changing the culture and winning the war much more probable... and easier.

However, there's a balance. We still have to send a strong message to all those who want to jump into politics: you better walk the walk 'cause we won't put up with any disingenuous talk. We're awake, we're watching and we won't be going back to sleep. That could mean you have to make some tough choices if you're in an area where your choice is a great conservative third-party candidate, a Republican in name only (Rino) or lib Democrat... especially if your district or state leans to the left and voting for the best candidate hands the lib Dem the election.

Each election is going to be different. If the Independent is the most conservative and they have an excellent chance of winning, I'd say go for it, no quibbling. However, if there's only minimal difference, or if voting for the Independent could give the election to the lib and thus lose the battle in Washington for the soul of our country, consider holding your nose and voting for the Republican. Let the Republican know that you are only voting for them because you want to win the November battle. Let them know you'll be watching and that you will work hard to unseat them in the next election if they don't vote conservative. We can hold their feet to the fire for one term and if they don't measure up, we work to put a true conservative in the spot when they come up for re-election.

Obama and crew are coming at us from every angle imaginable. They aren't fighting on one front. They will split the vote wherever they can, they will undermine the tea party movement, manipulate or collude with the media to make us look bad and there's no doubt they'll sink however low they must to retain or increase their power.

If you think of this as a non-violent war, and try to think like a strategist, it will make that one-time nose holding a little easier if you're facing that position. Hopefully none of us will be put in that position! I'm tired of voting for the lesser evil, or not having good choices in the voting booth.

Let's shock 'em in November by taking even more seats than the pundits are projecting! Then let's continue to work together to get some truly good candidates in place for the next election cycles!

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Pam said...

We all need to check voting records of those that say they are consevatives this yr. (Get the real facts).