Monday, June 21, 2010

Congress wants to make you shut up. Will you let them?

Fearful of what Election Day in November will bring them, liberals in Congress are pushing H.R. 5175, the "DISCLOSE Act," a bill disguised as campaign finance reform, but which is really designed to protect incumbents during the current election year.

Instead of addressing the problems often found in the financing of campaigns, H.R. 5175 adds to the already onerous burdens placed on law-abiding organizations by exposing their donors in places like TV, radio and newspaper ads. The bill exposes the hypocrisy of its supporters by giving special treatment to favored special interests, even though the bill is designed to crack down on the power of many other special interests!

These tactics are used to intimidate donors. They were used in the 1960s during the Civil Rights struggles, and more recently have been employed against Christians in states like Massachusetts, California and Maine for merely voicing their beliefs on marriage being between one man and one woman.

Now the Democrats want to intimidate you into silence as well!

The goal behind this bill, written by the head of the Democratic Congressional Committee and a liberal Republican who fears a primary challenge, is to influence this election in particular. Liberals are well aware that the DISCLOSE Act is unconstitutional. They know that the courts may eventually overturn the law, but not before November 2nd, 2010 -- election day. By then, the damage to free speech will have already been done.

Please contact your House Member today and tell him to oppose H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE Act.

Thank you and God bless you.

Please contact your U.S. House Member to oppose H.R. 5175, the "DISCLOSE Act" -- a bill designed to protect 2010 incumbents.


Tony Perkins

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