Friday, June 11, 2010

Volunteer or Donate to help Sharron Angle Defeat Harry Reid

Hey Y'all!

I am so excited! I have been at Sharron Angle HQs all day and just loving every minute of it! I still am having to "pinch" myself to make sure I am not dreaming!!! What an election?

We are having so many calls here from well-wishers, people wanting to donate and just people that want to talk to us and express how happy they are! The other people in our complex here are dropping by just to say hi and the excitment in their faces as they tell me that they voted for Sharron!!!

Now is the time to get into all the excitment! Call to volunteer! I have been taking calls from all over the US today wanting to volunteer!

You may call our Las Vegas office @ 702-243-1976 or call Reno @ 775-787-6017. Either location, we are anxiously awaiting your call!!!

So happy to be part of the "right" Angle!!!

Night Y'all!
Cathie Lynn

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