Friday, June 11, 2010

Support Christine O'Donnell in Delaware!

Dear Friends:

If we can energize activists around the country (i.e., people like you) and, especially, those in Delaware, Christine O'Donnell will be the next US Senator from Delaware. She would be one of the most conservative -- and pro-American -- Senators.

Several people who played major roles in the victories of Scott Brown in MA and Charles Djou in HI are working full-time on Christine's campaign. There is a real sense of urgency in making sure she wins.

A key development this week was Christine's Money-Bomb; it will continue through today (Friday), and I hope you will: (1) contribute as generously as you can; (2) make all your contacts aware of the importance of ensuring Christine has the funds necessary to win.

Those of us who know Christine believe she may be the best Republican candidate running this year for the US Senate. The pieces that appeared this week in reinforce that view. The more people that see these pieces, the more likely it is that Christine will win both the primary (Sept. 14) and, seven weeks later, the general election. Christine O’Donnell: Why I’m running for U.S. Senate | RedState

Several people have asked about the campaign strategy, whether it's a "national" approach or a state-focused one. The answer is: it's both. As Christine's candidacy gets national attention, positive information and vitality will flow into Delaware, and conservative activists -- aware of the race's importance -- will contribute much-needed funds.

However, make no mistake, people outside the state will not cast one vote in the election. There will be an absolute necessity for Christine and her surrogates to be constant presences in Delaware, attracting not only Republican votes, but also Independents and many Democrats. We will need a ground game of unpredented magnitude and intensity to win, and we fully expect to have both.

It will be no "easier" for us to win in Delaware than it will for candidates like Pat Toomey in PA, Carly Fiorina in CA, Sharron Angle in NV, or Marco Rubio in FL to prevail. Like those candidates, we can win if we "do it right." The "we" in the previous sentence turns out to be "you," the activists who support Christine.

We need hundreds (and preferably thousands) of people on-the-ground in Delaware -- both before and after the Sept. 14 primary. I've been asking people to commit to coming to Delaware (in conjunction with the 8/28 and 9/12 events in DC). I'm hoping that a lot of people who never thought they'd get to see beautiful Delaware -- "the First State" -- will end up doing just that.

What's at stake in Delaware -- and in states like PA, CA, and FL -- is nothing less than our country. That's why we're hoping people will spend a day, or two, or more of their vacation campaigning in Delaware for Christine O'Donnell. An unpredented crisis in our country demands unprecedented actions -- and unprecedented sacrifices -- by Patriots -- that is, by you.

So, please contribute to Christine's campaign today (or, at the latest this weekend. Please consider donating $10 a month at: Also, please think about coming to Delaware, as so many of you did in MA with Scott Brown.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary responses. On Wednesday, Nov. 3, the day after the election, we'll know if we have gotten our America back -- or if we haven't. God bless you all.

steve maloney

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