Friday, December 18, 2009

Early morning laugh...

Think about this headline:

Obama: Global capacity to fight climate change 'in doubt right now'
The collective ability of world leaders to confront climate change "is in doubt right now," President Barack Obama said Friday in Copenhagen.
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Like those of us out here in reality land ever had a doubt?

Since there never was a global "capacity" or ability to fight what comes natural to this part of the universe, it seems it's about time Obama realized that he is not omnipotent and able to change nature...

Not that he's really doing so. I understand the headline is really referring to the global communities inability to come to an agreement on how to stop what they scream is the end of the world... How come in the movies they always figure out a way to save the world at the end (cough, cough)? What a bunch of hooey... not just the Hollywood movies, but the whole global warming-now-climate-change-since-it's-getting-colder scheme. Don't ya think that if the world really was going to go belly up in five years, or whatever the latest estimate from "scientists" (cough, cough again) might be, that somehow they'd take the "can't we all just get along" route to survive?

I guess there's probably a contingency that would say that to China and other countries climate change doesn't matter that much, they'll survive, won't hurt the way they're working, they can clean it all up once climate change destroys the American and European economies. Thus they don't need to bargain. (Just tossed that in there because I know some climate change freak is gonna comment on this post... it's a religion that brings out the worst in some.)

Course, we all know none of this climate change stuff really has nothing to do with "climate change", it's another kind of change Obama is working toward!

Hopefully we'll soon see a headline similar to this: Obama: Democrat capacity to screw up health care 'stopped cold' and then maybe "Obama: We have decided not to kill what remains of the American economy by implementing cap and trade or card check"....

Hey, I can hope, right?

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