Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sam Olens Makes Official Request to Georgia AG to Review Constitutionality of H.R. 3590

Cobb County Commission Chair and candidate for Attorney General Sam Olens has submitted a letter to Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker requesting that he join with the Attorney Generals of South Carolina and at least six other States, to review the constitutionality of H.R. 3590, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

With the final deal assuring Senator Ben Nelson's vote, all newly eligible Medicaid enrollees from Nebraska would be permanently treated differently than those from the other 49 States. While Medicaid is a joint federal-state program, the Nebraska Compromise provides for a permanent exemption to his State alone. Said provision appears to violate the U.S. Constitution as all states would not be uniformly treated the same with this new tax.

"It is a felony to buy votes in this country. That same prohibition must apply to our legislators. All legal options must be considered and applied to stop this outrage."

Georgians cannot afford the many new taxes associated with this bill, let alone a special provision that lets us pay for citizens of another state, stated Olens.

My comments:

You go Sam! With you 10000% on this one.

I saw the comment from Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. He, along with other Governors from both parties are not happy with this farce of a health care bill and they're joining forces to combat it also.

I think a backlash to beat all backlashes is in the works on the way this has been manipulated, the way the American public --- the majority of American voters --- have been ignored and mistreated.

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