Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A few health care articles that caught my attention...

Byron York - Why Democrats push health care, even if it kills them

To some observers, the Democrats' race to pass national health care seems irrational -- even suicidal. Don't party leaders understand how much the public opposes the bills currently on the table? Don't they know that voters are likely to take their revenge at the polls next year? Given that, why do they keep rushing ahead?

"Because they think they know what's best for the public," the strategist said. "They think the facts are being distorted and the public's being told a story that is not entirely true, and that they are in Congress to be leaders. And they are going to make the decision because Goddammit, it's good for the public."


Susan Ferrechio - Liberals swallow another health compromise in Senate

In a last-ditch attempt to come up with the 60 votes needed to pass health care legislation this year, Senate Democrats appeared ready to dump plans to expand Medicare, with leaders telling their liberal faction to accept a stripped-down proposal because it is better than passing nothing at all.

Majority Leader Harry Reid, of Nevada, refused to answer questions after the meeting, but other Democratic leaders signaled that liberals are being asked to accept a bill that falls fall short of their original proposal, which at one point included a large, government-run health insurance program.


Reid to give in to centrists on healthcare, senators say
By J. Taylor Rushing and Alexander Bolton

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is prepared to give in to demands from centrists in order to pass the healthcare legislation before Christmas, senators say.



Dems back on shaky ground
By A.B. Stoddard

OK, so I was wrong. Senate Democrats only appeared united around finishing and passing healthcare reform last week, but they weren't united after all. Today's Washington Post is predicting that the next 48 hours could decide the fate of reform passing this year.


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