Friday, December 4, 2009

Roaring Silence

Across the country people are roaring. They are writing, calling, getting involved... groups like the Tea Party Patriots and the 912 project are springing up... people are picketing, meeting, protesting... grandparents are canceling AARP, turning of Letterman, tuning into talk radio... college students are organizing... mothers and fathers are pulling their kids out of school...

America is roaring.

Right now we seem to be roaring in silence.

Those in Washington are ignoring us. The mainstream media is ignoring us and they are ignoring news that doesn't fit the agenda. Obama, Pelosi and Reid act like we're a buzzing mosquito: irritating but they have bug spray and swatters if we get too loud or close.

We're just going to have to roar louder. We're going to have to up our game and coordinate better. Right now we all kinds of groups forming, all with great ideas and great motivation. We're fired up.

One thing that can hurt us as we all move forward is the big fish, small pond syndrome. Everyone wanting to be top dog, start the movement that's going to topple the "regime".

Another that can kill an organization faster than Obama and friends is our natural tendency to splinter over differences. We have to learn to work together, to ignore those pesky differences that don't matter in the big scheme of things. We have to keep our eye on the proverbial ball.

We need to always look at the big picture. We also have to check our egos at the door.

The reason our local Republican Party is so fractured, so ineffective is that everyone in the organization seems to want to be the chief. For many it's their life, their validation of who they are, that they're important. So many petty little things keep the group splintered and scare off "normal" folks. I almost find it comical that the District can't even work together because one Republican county group thinks the other is trying to take over, some volunteer isn't doing the job the way someone else wants so it's war, another wants to be top dog even though they have the fewest members, etc., etc. It's really not comical, it's sad.

You see the same thing all the way up the ranks of the Republican Party. Politicians trashing what the RNC wants to do, publicly trading jabs with others on issues, etc. It's fractious. It's ego. It's an inability to look at the long-term and to work toward a common goal. The biggest problem I see with our politicians on both sides of the aisle is they work for themselves, not for the good of the country or even their respective Party ideals.

We can't let any of the things I mentioned above seep into the 912 groups, the tea party groups, all the others that are springing up. We have to continue to cross over, work together, meet together. We have to leave our egos, our need to be validated by others, our differences at home.

When I go to tea party rallies, FairTax meets, 912 project talks, I am thrilled to see people from all the various groups working together. I love looking around and seeing all the different t-shirts, signs and information from a wide assortment of causes.

Right now we have fantastic unity. We're keeping our eye on the ball. We have to keep that unity and continue to grow.

If we do, if we can hang in there and we'll attract more and more people. We have the motivation and ability right now to change the country and get it back on the right track.

If we do it right, there will be a point where the so-called mainstream media hears us, where the "elite" who right now look down their noses at us, where Obama, Reid, Pelosi and friends hear us.

We will roar louder. We won't be silenced. We will be heard. We will shock those who act like they don't know we exist or crack jokes about us.

If we keep our eye on the goal, one day Obama and friends will wake up to a roar that is too loud to be ignored and find that their bug spray can't stop the swarm of mosquitoes. Bzzzzz....

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