Thursday, January 21, 2010


Had to laugh when I popped over to a site and saw an ad for an ObamaBank. Not a joke, it's a real ad and someone is selling these banks in the shape of Obama's head (badly done) on a base that says "CHANGE". It's the "Credit Crunch Proof Piggy Bank"... and has a bunch of pennies, yes pennies, laying around it. The website is (Google ad).

Now that's change a person can believe in (gag)... pennies to help during the credit crunch. And, cause I couldn't resist, I went to the site to discover it only costs:::: $15.00.

I'm not even sure if it'll hold $15 in change, especially if you're just sticking pennies in his head.

Oh the jokes and one-liners that immediately pop into my mind... If I had time, I'd write a fun blog about this one! Have at it someone ;-)

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