Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Very Interesting: A Final Look at Massachusetts Election Night Poll

Republicans and Democrats will certainly spar in the coming days about what the Massachusetts election means for health care reform. The very fact that a Republican could win the Massachusetts race while campaigning against the proposed legislation in Congress is the biggest single data point, but the data shows a more complex picture.

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My take on all the somewhat initially confusing data included in the Rasmussen Reports article: the Republicans shouldn't be celebrating this as "their" win... or think that the next elections are going to be easy wins... people across the country are fed up with politics, with power hungry, back-slapping, deal-making, value-forgetting, today-centered, non-big-picture types in Washington (and in our local politics). Hopefully what's going on with the Tea Party, 912 Project, Libertarians, Independents, Constitution Party, etc., etc. folks will wake up ALL who forget the principles this country is founded upon. Need a refresher? Go back and read, really read, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and all our founding documents.

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