Monday, January 18, 2010

Fake Florida Tea Party??

I just joined the Ning site: and was popping around looking at some posts and saw the title "Fake Florida Tea Party???". I scanned through the post and subsequent comments. It concerned me enough to want to put the question to all of my Twitter, blogger, Facebook friends to see if there's any merit.

Rumors are flying I gather that this now officially registered political party is a Democratic group started to take down Republicans. I'd guess (if I read closer) that they might also be working to split the vote which would most definitely help Democrats.

However, I would think that if people like you and I joined the Florida tea party group as an honest choice, then subsequently discovered that all they did was trash Republicans, we'd leave and they'd fail. Then again, if it's attracting only those who are simply frustrated without any knowledge of how the system truly works, it could have a negative impact.

On the subject of having a tea party party ... I don't think we're quite there yet. Right now we don't need to be splintering the vote any further. We already have a number of third parties with Libertarian being at the top of the heap in my humble estimation. Unfortunately history has shown that pretty much any third party on the ballot changes the outcome and in most cases gets the most undesirable person running elected. There are exceptions, but right now we are out to save our country and I don't think splintering the vote any further is a helpful way to do it, even though I'm not happy with either of the two main political parties. Although, I am happy with the way the Republicans in D.C. are currently holding it together and doing the right thing. Would that they had been this strong and right in the days when they were in 'power'.

I think we need to be all about changing our party of choice. It's easier to start with the Republican Party at the moment because it's technically more aligned with most conservative values. However, the members don't necessarily adhere or do more than give lip service to many of those values. We need every Republican aligned tea party member, every person who wants to change D.C. to get involved in the Republican Party and change it from the inside.

Ditto on the Democrat Party. There are a lot of conservatives in the Democratic Party although most are jumping ship given the take over of the Dems by the libs / progressives. True Democrats are no more aligned with the ultra libs and progressives than most of us. They're looking for a home and a voice, too.

With the vibrant, can-do, must-do attitude of all of us who are involved in the Tea Party / 912 Project working together, we can change BOTH parties. However, as I've said before, standing on the outside throwing stones doesn't change anything. It makes people dig in, put up barricades and work harder to protect their domain.

Learn from those who are now destroying our country... they realized that their protests in the 60's and 70's didn't do anything of substance. They chucked their signs into the closet and got teaching jobs. They started ACORN. They infiltrated society. They worked on the egos and courted of our so-called "stars" to get a voice. They worked from the inside and look where they are now...

We have an advantage in that we're already a member of the very groups that need to be fixed. We vote. We're active. We have facts. We can make a change faster because we are open and united in most areas. As long as we don't allow ourselves to get side-tracked by things that can be fixed AFTER we correct the course of the country, then we will succeed and we will stem, then reverse, the tide of progressivism (is that a word? spell check will soon let me know ;-).

Getting involved in your local political parties will have more of a long-term affect on this country than the majority of things you could probably do (aside from electing Scott Brown in Massachusetts ;-). Most organizations have a shortage of worker-bees. Generally 10% are active and willing to work. Be one of those 10%. Get involved, get your friends involved, then move up the chain and join forces with others to make changes. Get into elected office after you have the support of your party. Then you can REALLY make some changes!

I could write a book filled with ideas to change the system. One thing is for certain, it's going to take more than the 2010 and 2012 election to fix the mess that we now clearly see. We've been complacent in some ways, even when we've been involved. I don't think any of us realized how corrupted the entire system had become.

This year has ripped the cover off and exposed the gooey mess that has been supporting the system's veneer. The "progressives" have been working since FDR and before to challenge and change what our founding fathers put into play. We are now challenged and tasked with trying to save what they've destroyed. Get your butts off the couch, stand up and move away from the computer, it's time to put some feet with those words you write.

Oh, and see what you can find out about the Florida Tea Party party. Let me know please.

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