Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some of the dumbest political fantasy... dumb & dumber (Matthews & Maddow on Brown's win)

Rachel Maddow is so divorced from reality that I can't even begin to imagine what she's doing on that chair next to leg-chill Matthews. Ya know, it takes a LOT to make Chris Matthews come across as somewhat rational and a touch non-biased... Maddow succeeds. At one point she says Scott Brown is dishonest. Ya know, "he lies". If I understand her correctly, because she doesn't agree with what he says then he is being dishonest. I actually listened to this thing twice trying to figure out how she was stringing her "logic". It just isn't there. I'm not one for calling people names, but she's a bubble-head.

Here's one for Chris Matthews... he keeps saying this was an anti-incumbent vote, saying Coakley was perceived as being part of the "team", political establishment... So, Scott Brown is / was serving his third term as State Senator. What??? Wouldn't that make him part of the political establishment? These people are so, so, reaching to try and make Scott Brown's win anything but what it is --- a combination of factors, but all having to do with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all their policies and the direction they're trying to take our country.

I don't watch MSNBC. This is a perfect example of why.

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