Monday, January 18, 2010

Tea Party Express: How to help elect Scott Brown

You can help Scott Brown win the Special Election for U.S. Senate no matter whether you live in Massachusetts or anywhere else in the nation.

*If you live in Massachusetts or a surrounding state: The campaign is going to need a lot of volunteers for "Get Out The Vote" efforts on Monday and Tuesday. We need 100+ supporters of the Tea Party Express to volunteer. Contact the Scott Brown campaign headquarters at: 781-444-0200.

*If you live outside of the area: There are two ways you can help that will make a dramatic impact on turning out the vote for Scott Brown.

FIRST: The most valuable way to help is to contact all of your friends, family members or acquaintances who you think or know are supporting Scott Brown. Or willing to hear you out. Contact them via email, Twitter, phone call, Facebook or carrier pigeon.

When you find a supporter, make sure they are not just voting, but get them to bring others to the polls as well to vote for Brown.

The Tea Party Express has over 350,000 members and supporters nationwide. If each of us can help get 2 voters to go to the polls in Massachusetts it will have a huge impact.

SECOND: The campaign has launched a "Call From Home" program where you can receive call lists and make calls to Massachusetts voters right from your own home. To sign up - CLICK HERE.

*Finally, the online victory party on Tuesday night will be taking place at our Facebook group. We will have all the latest news, election results and forums where you and other Scott Brown supporters can interact.

To be a part of what we are hoping will be a great celebration of victory, just log on Tuesday night to our Facebook group here:

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