Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NY Jim Tedisco Race Update

This is going to be a squeaker and I can see it potentially ending up in the courts for a final verdict. I had hoped Tedisco would pull it out with a clear victory, but it was so close last night that they're now counting absentee ballots and will have to wait for military and federal employee ballots, which have a receipt deadline of April 13th.

We're looking at possibly two more weeks of indecision. There are roughly 6000 absentee ballots in hand thus far, but more could come in before the domestic deadline of April 7th.

As I type Murphy is ahead by 65 votes.

"Not counting the absentee ballots and such, we have Scott Murphy with 77,344 votes and Jim Tedisco at 77,279, with all counties reporting," said Donna Mullahey at the New York State Board of Elections.

US congressional contest too close to call
A Congressional by-election seen as an early popularity test for President Barack Obama's economic measures was too close to call Wednesday.

In a race this close, what's next?
The polls have closed and the votes have been counted, and it's a virtual dead heat in the 20th Congressional race. So what happens now to determine the winner in this special election?

Congressional Race in N.Y. is Too Close to Call
Absentee ballots will decide the outcome.

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