Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin

Randy Highsmith sent me an email invite to join Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin, a new Ning site. I wanted to share with all of you because I know we have some very committed prayer warriors in our group!

"Prayer Warriors are committed to pray for Sarah Palin to Walk in God's Wisdom and His Perfect Will in the name of Christ Jesus. Prayer Warriors promise to pray for Sarah Palin in the name of Jesus. We are committed to praying for Sarah to Walk in God's Wisdom and His Perfect Will. We pray a hedge of protection, a wall of fire around about her and her family and we plead the blood of the Lamb over them on a daily basis. Pray for her: Family, Health, Home, Safety, Favor with others, and Boldness." If you do decide to join, there's a space where you note how you heard about the group --- I'd appreciate the mention of RMLN.

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Anonymous said...

thank you for post Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin. Irma