Monday, April 6, 2009

New Conservative Network: Completely Conservative

We receive a lot of requests from conservatives wanting to join the Read My Lipstick Network who don't write about politics. They write about health, faith, being a mom, home schooling, daily life and other subjects, all from a conservative viewpoint.

To be a member of the Read My Lipstick Network blog content must be at least 90% political. We have to turn away some great conservatives simply because they may keep up with politics, they may vote the right way and live the conservative life, but they have blogs that only contain a smattering of political talk, if any.

So, after batting it around for a while, we've decided to start up another, an additional, as separate, conservative network called "Completely Conservative".

We are NOT doing away with the Read My Lipstick Network and it will remain our main focus.

Completely Conservative will include political blogs, but it will also include blogs about various aspects of life written BY conservatives. Life from a conservative point of view if you will.

We're setting up the blogroll and have a logo already, plus we have a blog (completely empty at the moment, ;-)

If you are a member of the Read My Lipstick Network and would like to join Completely Conservative, please send an email to readmylipstick at live dot com. We'll zap you the info on the blogroll and / or logo location so you can add it to your blogs. We know you're all conservatives, so you're automatically approved.

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