Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tea Party update & an idea

Put July 4th on your calendars, more Tea Parties are in the works. Be sure to sign up on the various websites (let me know if you need links), Facebook, Twitter, etc. so you can keep up with the latest.

We need to make the next round so big, so good, so loud that they can't minimize us.

I'm going to put a yard sign of a tea bag in my front yard.

If you can't be at the tea party, show your support:

Tea bag decals in the back window of your vehicle (unless your in lib-land and your car will be trashed).

Tea bag earrings.

Tea bag purses.

Get creative.

Let's make a fashion statement AND a value statement at the same time.

Here's an idea I had for the July 4th Tea Party:

Give those who can't come an opportunity to make a sign with their names on them. Have them sent or delivered to one of the coordinators of the area Tea Party. Post the signs in an area (if stakes are allowed, stick 'em in the ground) or have a wall to put the signs on...

Can you imagine the visual of having thousands of people with signs AND having a field or wall covered with signs by those who couldn't make it to the Tea Party?

I know my creative tea party organizing friends can get real creative in this area!

Make a "Tea Party Park" for the signs! My sign is hanging in the garage so everyone can see it...

I'm so ready for the next tea party. Still bouncing on the energy, knowing that there are so many in my area (Atlanta) who are fighting the good fight.

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Carolina Conservative said...

Sounds like some good ideas.