Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Mania

What a day yesterday! Locally we had a small noon-time Tax Day Tea Party in Peachtree City that attracted somewhere between 400 - 500. Not bad for a small town. I headed downtown for the Atlanta Tea Party. The energy was fantastic. I was right behind Sean Hannity which was very cool. I got to see Joe the Plumber, John Rich and others fairly closely. Two different stages were set up, one for the non-TV speakers, one for Fox News / Sean Hannity Show.

I've been watching the news, which I usually try not to do given the blatant bias. I'm sure you've all heard Pelosi's sneering disdain and Gibbs' belittling comments. Arrgggg... Then there's the complete misrepresentation by the mainstream media of the numbers who turned out. One reporter practically attacked someone she was interviewing (I just heard about that one, guess I'll have to scan the blogs to find out more).

Here in Atlanta we had over 15,000 peaceful tea baggers. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported we had a thousand at the same time we were making the 10,000 mark. Today's paper says thousands showed up avoiding the numbers. Typical, typical.

Ah well. Sometimes I wish I subscribed to some of these msn newspapers and magazines just so I could cancel.

One thing that is coming through loud and clear reading Homeland Security's description of a home-grown terrorist, seeing the coverage of events like the Tea Party, hearing comments by White House spokepersons... they are trying to paint us into an ugly corner.

More and more of us are going to be needed to ensure that they don't and can't stop the peaceful dissent. We watch. We vote. We need to do more. We need to continue to network and learn to work together.

I'll be sharing photos and videos on the Fayette Front Page (.com) and our Read My Lipstick Network website. If you have photos you'd like to share from your Tea Party, please email in jpg format. Love to have 'em!

(I was going to share some photos, but blogger is acting up... maybe later).

Here's my early morning post in one of my blogs:
One word for Atlanta Tea Party: Wow!
One word to describe it in the title, but a lot more in this short post! I'm one tired puppy right now but I had to share as I guzzle my morning caffeine. We had a blast yesterday at the Atlanta Tea Party. I didn't get home until close to midnight, then I had to watch the midnight Hannity repeat to see what I'd missed! Yawn and double yawn...

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