Thursday, April 23, 2009

Magnify Your Efforts

You all know that Obama has filled his Cabinet with people with ethical challenges. They fly through without any major challenges. It seems that we are fighting against the wind as we write, call, fax our opposition to the many actions by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and friends.

I have a suggestion. Rather than JUST sending petitions to Washington D.C. and contacting our elected representatives, let's also contact every media outlet we can imagine. Not just this time, but every time you have a concern.

If you call your Senator, call the local news stations, too. If you write your Congressman, write every media outlet you can find (radio, television, newspaper, etc.). Duplicate everything you do ten-fold.

They're saying the opposition isn't there. They're ignoring our pleas for ethical representation. They're treating us like pesky flies that can be swatted away. Let's show them.

Magnify everything you do.

Get the addresses for every media outlet you can find and make sure you copy them when you send your letters. Get the email addresses of every national and local news outlet you can dig up and copy them on every email you send in protest.

Let's overwhelm them. Let's make it impossible for them to ignore us or swat us away.

(I just posted the above on my main personal blog, Barracuda Babes. Figured I'd share it with a few more of my friends on here)

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