Monday, April 6, 2009

Help Cover Sarah Palin's Legal Bills

On Thursday be sure to visit and donate, donate, donate. They'll be announcing a legitimate fund to help cover at least a portion, hopefully all, of the ridiculous legal fees the Palin's have incurred for ludicrous lawsuits meant to do nothing but harass since she hit the spotlight. (yes, that is a run-on sentence -- and this one is made up of a phrase or two, incomplete sentence ;-)

Be careful, there are a few groups collecting on the Internet that are questionable. Rather than get involved in a possible scam or an unknown group supposedly collecting to help Sarah, I'd suggest you stick with Team Sarah UNLESS you know the group. For instance, I'm involved with "We Need Sarah"... I'll give through them because I know they're legit.

Team Sarah is going to be doing some advertising (or so I've been told). I'm hoping they'll have buttons for our blogs and websites so we can help to raise money.

Keep in mind that money given to SarahPAC cannot be used to defray legal costs. Also, Sarah is prohibited from asking for funds.

In case you didn't hear, Bill O'Reilly donated $1,000 to Sarah for the funds. Nice.

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