Thursday, April 23, 2009

Short Update

We have a number of pending new memberships on the Read My Lipstick Network and the new Completely Conservative Network. I've had family stuff going on for the past few weeks, along with a few work issues, that have kept me from checking in over here other than briefly. My friends who help out have been similarly challenged for various reasons (health, operation, etc., seems like we all hit a wall at the same time!).

I think by next week I'll be back to normal and back here as normal.

If anyone is good with code, I'm having an issue with trying to figure out why the blogroll code for Completely Conservative isn't displaying properly. I've studied it, compared it to the RMLN code until I'm cross-eyed and can't figure it out. Let me know if you have experience with html, flash, whatever code. I'm a basic type, know enough to be dangerous...

Changing subjects again... Is anyone as overwhelmed as I am with all the horrific crud that is happening? Our country is being weakened, our values undermined, our principals trashed. The foundation of all that is right and true is being slammed daily with Obama's sledge hammers. All I can do is fight and pray.

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