Sunday, March 14, 2010

Copy Cat Coffee "Party"

Yesterday they held their "coming out party"... and I gather it was pretty much a flop. Top head count at the coffee shops across the country hosting the lefty groups seems to be about 40. I've only read a couple of accounts, so maybe somewhere they managed to go a bit higher.

I found the whole thing kind of... well, weak. Weak watery coffee, warmed over, luke warm at best.

The Tea Party movement exploded. It wasn't organized, it was and is born of our frustration with Washington, with the way our elected officials are ignoring us, with so many things D.C. It was spontaneous. It still is. It's defying every effort to corral it into something anywhere similar to politics as usual. No matter how many try to infiltrate and distort, it's staying the course and growing.

It encompasses every walk of life and covers the political spectrum.

The Copy-Cat Coffee Party? It's an attempt to counter something that has it's roots deep in America. The Left already has a huge voice in Congress and the White House (OK, they pretty much have it all), and they have the media. They have the schools. They have the unions.

What do the rest of us have, the majority? A voice needing a place to shout. The Tea Party was the right thing at the right time thanks to catalyst Rick Santelli. The Copy-Cat Coffee Party? Not even worth the cost of a cup o' cappuccino.

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