Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't fall into their trap...

I was just listening to a report on Fox News about Democrats having a talk with security (of some sort) in D.C. It seems there have been, or there have been some manufactured, reports of threats of violence against Dems who supported Obamacare.

Unfortunately, whether it's a set up, whether it's true or not, much is going to be made of any type of a loud sneeze from conservatives. Do we have some extreme wacko's? Sure... they have 'em on the left, too.

My big concern is that they could be setting the table for some sort of martial law, worst case. Best case? They ultimately portray us all as nut jobs, unstable crazies.

It wouldn't surprise me to find that they were encouraging some of the extremists, all the while watching them closely so they could stop them in the nick of time. Nothing from this Obama White House would surprise me.

Right now the Obama-types are saying that Republicans are stupid, that our elected Republicans are in disarray among other just as idiotic things. They are painting a picture that is fiction, but you know how the left loves comic book life and will buy into anything if they hear it often enough. Give 'em a good mantra and they'll high five and repeat it ad nauseam.

This White House spends more time plotting how to reach their end goals than they do on actual meaningful policy.

We already know they're hoping to push through immigration "reform", another amnesty package in hopes of sufficient numbers of voters to keep them in power. Cap & Trade isn't off the table. If they can't get their policies enacted through Congress Obama will do an end run around them and get his Czars and other minions to put things in place.

And, just because you and I are involved and aware, don't think the entire country is aware, watching and planning to vote. Go talk to your neighbors in a pleasant social setting and bring up politics. Betcha most of them brush off your concerns, want to change the subject or think it's a bunch of hooey about nothing. 

This latest bit about threats of violence is part of the Obama / Pelosi / Rahm long-term plan. They want us on the run, scared to voice our opinions. If some whack-job does do something stupid we're all going to be tarred with the same brush. They'll figure out a way to say that Tea Party groups are inciting violence and will outlaw group meetings if that's what it takes.

Watch closely. Be prepared. Please don't resort to name-calling, threats or let your angst and anger get you into trouble. This is a time when we need to all work together and we need to hold hands in prayerful, peaceful solidarity. Placards, blogs, faxes, petitions, phone calls and signs, yes. Threats, rocks or any kind of violence, definite NO.

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Tommygun said...

(This might post more than once. The comment system kept screwing up.)

While I have no doubt some of this is trumped up, now is not the time for violence. As the Cuda said:

"AT THE TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY, it's the citizens who are going to have to lead our elected officials in government. Leadership is not hitting somebody over the head. It's not taking up arms AT THIS POINT."--Future President Sarah Palin, 18 MAR 2010 (emphasis added)