Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's a Dem to do when it can't be done legally?

Rules memo defends Dem plan to pass Senate bill without vote
By Ian Swanson

House Democrats are marching forward with plans to move the Senate healthcare bill through their chamber without actually voting on it.

Read more: http://www.thehill.com/homenews/house/86985-rules-memo-outlines-dem-plan-to-pass-healthcare-bill-without-actual-vote


What's a Dem to do when it can't be done legally?

I find it amazing, scary, horrifying that we have reached a place in this country where we now have a dictator in the White House. He is by-passing the Constitution, the very basis of our country, everything that our country stands for to implement something he wants. Not something we the people want or need, something he wants.

There is no doubt that more is at stake here than our health system. If this were truly about health care then there would be no need to circumvent the system of checks and balances that has served our country well since shortly after its creation. Certainly it is not a perfect system, but it is by far more perfect than any in the history of the world.

They have cloaked this health care wolf in the sheep's clothing of saving little Jimmy or whoever they choose as the poor-me story of the day. They pull at heart strings with tales that are distorted and some suckers buy into it. This is a huge, nasty, snarling monster of a wolf.

We are handing more power to Washington and we know enough history to know what the results will be. Hidden in that health care bill is the beginning of the destruction of the greatness that is America. Hidden in the way they go about getting the bill passed is the destruction of the foundation of all that is great about America.

One man is imposing his will on an entire country.

Once he succeeds with this action, what's next? Why stop with the health care bill? They've already tossed education into the mix. Have you ever known any tyrant who was willing to stop with a little bit of power? If Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their crew are able to justify this action, do you really belief they won't put on a similar cloak of righteousness to implement Cap & Trade to save the world? Immigration "reform" to save the needy (or whatever rationale they want to use)?

We are on the edge of jumping onto that proverbial slippery slope. They've already made the leap and are in the air getting ready to slide down the slope that is greased with the apathy of way too many sleeping Americans.

Folks, if you're reading this it's not enough that you go honk your horn in front of your legislators office at noon today. It's not enough to write a blog, Twitter or share your concerns on Facebook (all things I do ;-). You have to go knock on doors, make phone calls and wake up your friends. Educate them. They have to realize that it's not our health care system that is at risk, it's the entire framework of our Constitutional Republic.

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